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Our goal is to serve you authentic Indian cuisine with a selection of traditional and innovative dishes. our chef, has expertly prepared all of our dishes to be an individual masterpiece for you to enjoy.We are also happy to accommodate special meal requests whenever possible.

Hosting a special event ? Explore our party menu to fill your dining needs for intimate gatherings, office catering and everything in between. If there is anything we can do to make your time with us more enjoyable,

Please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to serving you again.




AboutEast Indian Cuisine

The search for spices spurred explorers to set out on dangerous joruneys. Columbus, Vasco de Gama and Magellan all went in search of spices and changed the world forever.

Europeans discovered what Indians have known for thousands of years – herbs and spices can be used for preservatives as herbal medicines. The spice trade was so lucrative that the Dutch have a saying for anything that is too expensive – “As costly as pepper”

Spices, condiments and aromatics are the essence and vital core cooking. Curry is essentially and vital core cooking . Curry is essentially a flavour and need not be hot at all. Although the dishes on our menu are marked and varied as mild to atomic hot, you may order your meal at any spice level to suit your personal taste.

The ancient Sanskrit treatise on Ayurvedic ( the Hindu Science of Medicine) lists the following benefits of spice.

Pepper – Good for digestive ailments.
Chilies – Digestive and paralysis.
Turmeric – External application for itches and skin diseases
Ginger – Remedy for liver malfunctions and rheumatism
Cardamom – To combat halitosis, nausea, headaches and fever.
Cloves – For fevers, heart, brain, liver and stomach ailments
Saffron – For the distinctive aroma and taste. Produces oil which is responsible for its therapeutic properties




DiningDO'S and DONTS

Do – Eat With Your Fingers

It may seem messy at first, but true connoisseurs believe that for some reason, the food just tastes better. In fact the Shah of Iran, on a visit to India, remarked that eating with the cutlery was like making love through an interpreter. Food can be picked up with fingers or scooped up with bits of Nan bread. Finger bowls are available after the meal.

Do – Drink Tea

The beat of the tea ma~ cause perspiration, creating a cooling effect. Chai (tea) contains anise, which is a great aid in digestion.

Don’t – Drink Water

It’s a misconception that you must arrive at an Indian restaurant with the fire department in tow! If you drink too much water, spicy food will simply float in the stomach causing indigestion. Instead, drink water one hour before and one hour after the meal and put yogurt on food that is particularly hot. If you must drink, sip the water slowly.

Please note that each dish is specifically created with only the freshest ingredients. Such careful attention requires time, so preparation may take a little longer. We appreciate your patience.



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Please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to serving you again